Friday, October 14, 2011

How to get free fast food

Acualy there are many ways to get free meal from Mc'donalts or any simular fast food shops. But i must remind you that each of this ways can maybe not work. So...
1. First you will pass somebody in front of you with his car to order than you are gonna follow him, then you gonna pas the first window and say that you forgot your money(or somthing simular) and that you dont order anything, than you will stop at the second window and hope that the guy behiand you will order somthing, than you just wait to give his order and then just go away.

2. You will stop on the first window than say that you have been 20 mins ago and that you forgot somthing from your, order than just tell them what you have "forgoten". And than take the meal and go away.

-Any of this trics may gone wron so do this on your own risk!
-There is a chance that they will call a police!
-The worsest think that can happen is to die:P

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